Because I hate Banespa, Chapter 4 – The Credit Card (2 month waiting)

On my first trip to the bank to open the account already made the proposal credit card, which should arrive in a few days. But, but 40 days later when I went to open the Poupmax (vide chapter 3) descobri que a minha proposta ainda estava engavetada pela gerente que disse quenão consegui digitar a proposta dele”. 40 day the proposal was shelved? He could not enter? For that? Why did not you tell me? Ultimately, the other manager made another proposal on time and at the same time approved. Lack of organization? Unwillingness of another manager? Whatever it is, is just one of the blunders of the SANTANDER Banespa, which calls itself the world's best bank, putz, not even want to imagine what it must be the worst.

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