Because I hate Banespa, Chapter 5 – The limit unsolicited

When querying extract realized there was a limit to my account, a limit that I had not requested, what already is absurd. I was suspicious that it would not be free and turned in 0800, e estava lá, R$ 21 would cost me to have this limit provision, even though I did not use. I asked to cancel and was told I would have to go in agency, I called the agency and said I have to go there to sign a document saying that I do not want to limit. But wait!! I did not ask no limit!!! I did not authorize any limit!!! So why do I have to go in the agency cancel it? I was not there to request it. I never even asked him!!! I made another complaint in 0800 to that procedure aimed at prejudicing the inattentive account holder who does not realize the limit, paid for it and still runs the risk of inadvertently using it and pay the absurd utilization rates and interest. So far there gave me no answer…

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