We cegos, or we are doing this?

Cup year, election year, year that the minimum wage had its largest increase. That increase belo!!

Year war between police and bandits, say that the rope always breaks on the weaker side, here comes a question: What is the stronger side? Creio que não é nem um pouco difícil de responder.

Our governors who are? They want to elect two “large” Governors!! Let them vote!!

Our money disappears, if we fail to pay two days the overdraft or credit card, The interest is huge, and if I put money into my savings, the interest that yields in two days is humiliating. Our minimum wage, Needless to say nothing, the name says.

Take a look at just what it says ” Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil 1988 “, I will paste here the Art. 7 Inciso IV :

IV – minimum wage , fixed by law, nationally unified, able to meet their basic living needs and those of their families with housing, feed, education, health, leisure, clothing, hygiene, transportation and social security, with periodical adjustments to maintain its purchasing power, their relationship is forbidden for any purpose; *

(Uaaauuuu!! you wonder huh!! I am part of this wonderful minimum wage, look how many benefits I have!!)

If you have the time, read Art. 7 whole, is very interesting.

http://www.presidencia.gov.br / CCIVIL / Constituição / Constitui% C3% A7ao.htm

We only 2% drinking water and those 2%, 12% It was found in Brazil, are a privileged country, in water, oil and hydroelectric, according to our President, diz que o Brasil será o maior produtor de energia elétrica do mundo!

Oh!! We really live in a country blessed by God, Pretty naturaza, e administrado por sei lá eu quem, these heights League, I do not know who to believe!!

After all, why worry about it right?

We have unemployments, hunger, misery, studies are great, we have an illiterate!!

Here we have the PROUNI, Family School, something must, sign that had a great study that we have to go on Saturday and Sunday to learn more, ou para não pagarmos a nossa faculdade!!

We will cover the sun with a sieve, moreover, there is something more important than the World Cup?

The that it will be that will cover our vision oo next year?


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