May 25 2006

A Beautiful Mind

Watch “A Beautiful Mind” finally. I'm not doing a great review here because the movie is old, from 2001, and winner of the best picture Oscar, Best Director, etc. (vencendo o chatíssimo “The Lord of the rings: A Sociedade do Anelque ficou só com os prêmios técnicos) and so many people have watched. But I can do a quick summary: the movie is great, is the true story of a brilliant mathematician (as the title) who refuses to attend classes and normal university activities, isolating and seeking to discover something really unique in his field of research. Successful he discovers that it is schizophrenic, and from there find that many of your memories, people you know and even his work simply never existed. The most interesting is that the film is shown in a way that we have the vision of the character, watching your life from the perspective of it, sick without realizing it, and from the disclosure were as lost as he, not knowing what is real and what is imaginary, being forced to decide what is real and what is not, thus giving us a vision of how to live with schizophrenia. Highlights also include Russell Crowe who played very well the role.

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