The Da Vinci Code

Assisti hoje ao tão comentado filme “The Da Vinci Code”, I have not read the book, so my comments are based only on film, which obviously should not (or should not) have read the book as a prerequisite. O filme é bemmais ou menos”, would be just another thrillerzinho if not for all the unnecessary controversy created around him, only helped to promote it further. The actors are good and help a little (despite that Tom Hanks is usually best), but the characters in general are poorly crafted and seem to be all the time playing the information so we can understand the movie, which is a strong indication of failure of the script. Some films make the viewer feel the drama of the character and care for it, share with them their joys and sorrows. Esse é o caso do filme “A Beautiful Mind”, I commented yesterday, não é o caso de “The Da Vinci Code”. Curiously, both films are the same director, Ron Howard. To finish: the puzzles and the cryptex up that are interesting, but the Indiana Jones sought and found the Holy Grail in the past in a much better movie. 🙂

As for the religious aspect, not even understand why so much controversy, it is unlikely that any Christian to question his faith before a story as fanciful and absurd. The story is just fiction and should be seen as such. Dan Brown invented a controversial story just to get this free advertising, since his previous two books had not been very successful. Moreover, the disgusted by the script should not even go to the movies, because they are only increasing the profits of producers and encouraging the emergence of more genre films. The fact is that this is not the first nor will be the last film to distort the history of Jesus Christ, other films have done in the past and have fallen by the wayside due (“A última tentação de Cristoe outros tão esquecidos que eu também não me lembro). E não será diferente com “The Da Vinci Code” que logo também será esquecido. Just do not be even forgotten the words of the true Jesus, that has long since said: “o céu e a terra passarão, mas as minhas palavras não hão de passar” (Mt 24:35).

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Claudia Breve

Good, como no outro filme, não assisti esse também, mas segundo o que o nosso editor escreveu, faço juz ás suas palavras, essa não é a primeira e muito menos será a última vez que irão querer distorcer o que diz as sagradas escrituras.
Se você ainda tiver alguma dúvida e estiver vivo até lá, aguarde e verás qual será realmente a verdade, eu não tenho dúvidas, só espero que você esteja dentro dessa verdade.


Otimo Comentáriooo!!!

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