The Hidden Friend

It, é 2005, is not new, but it is not as old, so let's talk about it… We started with an unfortunate translation of the original title that is “Hide and Seek”, name of the game here is known as “Hide and seek”. The film tells the story of a father trying to restart his life after the suicide of his wife. He and his daughter move into an old house, in the forest (attitude somewhat questionable in this situation). The daughter, still traumatized, finds solace in an imaginary friend, Charlie. Earlier Charlie is played by father, psychologist, as a way of dealing with trauma daughter, but strange events begin to occur, and the daughter says that he is responsible.
The script has some flaws and many clichés, as the famous bathtub scene, strangers neighbors, etc… The ending has an interesting twist, is not an obvious and monotonous end, is not an absurd twist (as in terrible “The forgotten”), but it is also not something like “O Sixth Sense”, whose greatest merit the fact of giving all the tips in the film and the viewer does not realize. In “The Hidden Friend” the viewer can even predict the ending because it’s not that original and has already been used in other films, but certainly will not be for the tips, because they simply do not exist. Not watched the movie yet again, but it seems to me until there are some things in the movie that just do not fit with the final. Anyway it's a film above average, much better than the crap the genre that had to swallow as recently: “The Call 2”, “The envoy” and the already mentioned “The forgotten”.

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