What George Foreman has to do with barbecue?

Oscar and the Giovane sell a fitness section in Polishop. Ok, after all they are played basketball and football and so had to stay in shape. All though that crap is giving Choquinho is for nothing (as well as the vast majority of the things that sells Polishop), but at least the poster boy is consistent… especially the Oscar that once stopped playing only made m *[email protected] * Same: trying to be senator end the Brazilian basketball championship… but that's another story.

But what I really wanted to know is: What is the George Foreman has to do with barbecue? George Foreman Grill? “Today is George”? What is the logic that? The guy was a boxer, not cook… Será que ele mantinha a forma para as lutas comendo churrasco? If he had still skinny we could even think that is because food prepared with the grid are healthier and do not get fat, but he's well chubby. So why should I buy a grill that is being recommended by a boxer??? Even more of R $ 300,00 que nada mais é do que algumas resistências sob uma grelha de teflon… is, it's cool, but it has nothing innovative, as sanduícheiras de R$ 30,00 do the same service, only changes the format.

Se alguém descobrir o por que desse garoto propaganda tão fora do padrão me avisem
If someone also find out what you do with a Rotomatic after the proprietary battery it goes down let me know also. Respostas educadas hein

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