To clip 'hot', Paris Hilton rolls in the sand with actor

“Paris Hilton, 25 years, hot scenes starred alongside American actor Lucas Babin, 26, during the filming of a music video in Malibu beaches, California. The millionaire – Hilton hotel chain heiress – rolled in the sand embraced Babin (known in Brazil for his participation in the novel America, when he played the pawn Nick). The two simulated caresses exchanges in and out of water.”

The doubts are:
1) Since she already starred in homemade porn movie with ex-boyfriend, which has other roll in the sand in a video clip?
2) Why care so much about what Paris Hilton does or does not do? The very description of it is already laughable, note that in this area it was not called “actress”, but “millionaire, heiress”. I never stayed in a Hilton, and even if staying will not make any difference to know who owns it.
3) What kind of person signs a magazine like Contigo? Unfortunate ¬¬
Source: With you

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