The World Cup adds to the culture of the Brazilian people

One of the biggest complaints we hear every time is the world cup is just that Brazilians think it, to forget all problems, etc., etc., etc…

This is not entirely true and I'll explain why: from 1970 when Brazil won the third championship began to speak in tetra. And much has been said in this tetra, but only in 1994 is the tetra finally arrived… Brazilians celebrate, were happy, alienated, ultimately… but above all they learned a new word. Yes, how many people knew what was penta before 1994? Only a small portion of the population. But it was enough to get tetra Brazil and soon everyone was curious to know what the next step? After all, what Brazil would take when the fifth star? Most “known” to learn new words are other, derived from our penta, or pentagon, or Pentagrama, or pentadátilo (nor did you know that right?), etc… In a short period of four years practically the entire Brazilian population became aware of the word penta. And it was very frustrating to lose the cup 1998 because it meant four more years of ignorance, without any linguistic novelty. But finally 2002 Brazil brought the penta, and now we are there, toward hexa… yes, the same as mid- 2002 only 1 or 2% of the population knew what it was. But now, beginning in the middle of the cup 2006 we all know what hexa, to the hexagon and, o hexagonal (Recently we had a basketball) e até o hexaedro (that you did not know).

Now what we have to do is root for Brazil, so that our team brings hexa, and aí sim, the next four years all Brazilians know the meaning of hepta. There is alienation, only culture… 🙂

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Claudia Breve

Very interesting and it could not thank him because thanks to his magnificent intelligence discovered two more words: * Pentadático and Hexahedron *
I feel smarter :p

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