What our visitors are looking for:

Seeing the site access report found the phrases and words that our visitors typed in search engines before they get here, and often find some strange:

  • Little girls naked: absolute record, many people come here looking for it, obviously that comes here in search of naked little girls out frustrated.
  • Cryptex: The paraphernalia invented by Dan Brown (and not by Leonardo da Vinci) which causes quite interesse. And that's all I can talk about the cryptex, you wanted more to?
  • Paquitas naked: Putz, there are still Paquitas? The last naked paquita that have news is Luciana Vendramini, and it was in the years 80. And we have nothing of it here too.
  • The 1st Time Rita Cadillac new film: First of Rita Cadillac? I think a long time huh… 🙂
  • Movie Summary A Beautiful Mind: Finally something that really has sought and blog.
  • Tartaruga da Brahma: Eu? the turtle back?
  • Flme summary my dear teacher: nunca ouvi falar
  • How to hack directv: DirecTV was already, why are you still willing to hack her signal? Would not it be better to try to break the Sky signal that already has all of DirecTV channels and more? Ah, a curious thing Brazilian law: make TV cat is out crime, although there something specific for that in the criminal code can be used the same mains cat code. But if you can decrypt the Sky signal you can watch it in a good, since the signal is in the air and therefore available to anyone able to decode it. Good, ao menos foi isso que eu me lembro de ter lido em algum lugar há muito tempo atrásse alguém tiver a fonte ou mais informações manda nos comentários.
  • Review a brilliant mind: Yes, nós temos 🙂
  • Profile for orkut: Ahn?
  • Sending mass orkut scraps: That abominable practice, you'll never find it here. I hate scraps mass! Hate!!!
  • Profiles with orkut design: That tosquice!
  • Summary of Secret Santa movie: Yes, também temos 🙂
  • Feed ronaldinho gaucho: AFFF! Why would anyone want to know what Ronaldinho eat? Enough the press have reported that he took a elasticada in the ass as if it were the most important thing in the world.
  • Da Vinci Code blog
  • Movie “pecado original: it's good, recommend.
  • People who try to guess the password of other orkut: ahh, que feio
  • Movie Summary da vinci code: Yes, também temos 🙂
  • Learning to send collective scraps: another future suitcase Orkut ¬¬

That, has more words and phrases, but are basically variations of these there that are the most sought.

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Claudia Breve

esse é o povo brasileiro ¬¬


me enviem o resumo uma mente brilhante é urgente


eita povo…………..

carlos pereira

Acho interessante quando pessoas em público se colocam como CERTINHAS,são contra a pirataria, verdadeiros Cidadões sérios, agora na prática: avançam sinais de transito, para em locais proibidos, oferecem proprinas para se favorecerem, compra artigos de origens duvidosas e por aí a fora. Vamos deixar de ser cretinos, sómente deixamos de cometer um ato considerado ilícito com medo de sermos responsabilizados criminalmente. Está é a verdade nua e crua.


kkkkkk,tem cada coisa engraçada

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