jun 21 2006

This glamor does not last the whole time, I also need to go to the bathroom

I'm here watching the Program Jo, Sandy and Junior and appear with his new song… For the first time I miss those little songs they sang when they were brats, those times when Sandy still had that little voice extremely annoying and junior still was not as disgusted by having his foot caught in adolescence all.
Listen to Mariquinha saying it would not open the door was sad, but worse is to hear the actual singing that Sandy needs crap like everyone else… putz, corta o coração 🙁

Below is the worst stretches of music “Debatable Perfection”, the taste of this letter is really well debatable:
You better be sure / Tô along a ser Madre Tereza / Do not step on my callus / Or turn around and say what animal does not want to hear.
(Ah, she is not the Mother Teresa? This original!!!)

Granted, I live makeup. / My life is so sophisticated even. / Learn, this glamor does not last the whole time, / I also need to go to the bathroom.
(This is the passage in which she assumes that also makes the numbers 1 and 2, I would never imagine)

The Princess also feel,cries,suffers, dreams and hears no (not listening) / I prefer the truth to this debatable perfection. / The princess also fight, trouble, scream and talk dirty / I refuse to get that perfection debatable.
(Talk dirty? Junior was no longer sufficient to palavrõezinhos with their self-affirming? That thing! :()
But see at least change the text / Or TA risking your job. / Think big, his destiny is far greater, have faith / Hunting than getting someone to pick on.
(That was not me not, is the first time I caught her foot :))

Watch, take care. / Closed mouth does not enter mosquitoes, the saying goes. / Respect my long years on the road, / From silly is that I have nothing.
(Closed mouth does not enter mosquitoes? Our, do not know who wrote it, but it is not fantastic realmenta?

Please, não me idealize, / So you're doomed to slide. / Truth be told, / Nothing irritates me more,/ What stupidity.
(Look how much these verses revolt!)

If they speak something stupid in the interview that's going on now I come back to post… 🙂

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