jun 23 2006

Because I hate BANESPA – CHAPTER 9 – The extorno Insurance against loss or theft

We go to another chapter of this story will only end on the day that I can close the damn account Banespa. In early May to receive credit card, I called immediately and cancelei my insurance against loss or theft, e eis that day 24/05 did the launch of the charge normally. I complained and canceled the insurance and were extornar of the amount charged for improperly 24/05. The insurance was canceled, but extorno, nothing… I just plug in superlinha again and told me that I just ordered the cancellation and not extorno… You can see clearly that the attendants do not put everything in the system was talked, probably instructed to act in bad faith in favor of the bank, like all sabem, invoice million unsolicited junk putting on behalf of clients. Now were the value of extornar, gave another protocol, but cancellation should appear only in August!!! And obviously nobody says anything of interest over the amount that was improperly with them all this time…
As if that was not enough, have passed the 30 days for me to receive the gift certificate that was promised in exchange for me paying the absurd annuity, and so far nothing too, I was informed that the 30 informed earlier days may be a little late. Why informam 30 days then?

Wait for the next chapter…
Santander Banespa, the world's worst bank, according to customers. Euromoney magazine certainly has no account in Banespa…

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