jun 23 2006

VoIPCheap JA was and it comes time Webcalldirect

As was to be expected, software for voice over IP VoipCheap started charging 1 euro cent per minute for calls to landlines in Brazil, after a few months that this type of connection was free to all users who have credits.

The Swiss company owns the VoipCheap now wants to draw attention to the Webcalldirect, another of VoIP companies owned. This has a differential, does not use software and connections are only fired from the PC into a callback system, you put your phone and who you want to call, Your phone rings, the phone rings and you talk like a normal connection. The cost is to practice… you put 10 Euro credit and they are worth 3 months, from there you can make calls to any landline in Brazil (and some other countries) no charge, up to a limit of 5 weekly hours, a partir the 5 hours per week is charged 1 euro cent per minute.

And what to do with the 10 then credit euros? You can use them to make calls to mobile phones, the inviting price 11 euro cents per minute, is not free, but is much cheaper than the absurd amounts charged by Vivo, Team, Course and other operators.

Of course, this should not last long mamata, then prices rise and links for fixed will normally be charged. And then the Swiss company launches another company with other promotion of these, for people to put more 10 Euro Credit.

For those who make very long distance and / or calls to mobile phones worth, there is a certain lag in bonds that at times becomes unbearable, but in most cases it is feasible.

Not gain anything with this disclosure, I'm just commenting as put 10 Credit euros in voipcheap and has worked cool.

Ahh, both allow some free calls to landline lasting up 1 minute to test, without holding credit.

Links: ForwardingWebcalldirect

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