And now it was also Webcalldirect…

It was not long promoting Webcalldirect, Now calls to landlines in Brazil cost 2 centavos euro, also rose to the VoipCheap 3 centavos euro. Given this price instability leave to recommend these systems, it is risky pay 10 euros and have no time or recover the investment. I will finish my credits UOLFone and VoipCheap and return to using the DDD Telefónica until a better solution VoIP.

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There's Vono Voip ( charged R $ 0,11 minute to fixed 146 Brazilian cities. The system is great! It has voice delay. And you can still have a phone number to receive calls. I still have credits in VoipCheap, but I consider myself a sucker for purchasing these credits with the illusion of unlimited connection. To buy 10 euro without risking the credit card have to invest R $ 50,00, making a call from 3 Euro cents corresponding to R $ 0,15. Result: the same financial point of view, not worth the VoipCheap. For those who make connections (fixed) for cities Vono, forget another system Voip, for the time being.