Seja pastor for R $ 800,00

Orkut since it became popular also became an excellent tool SPAM. The spam sent by email is losing its effectiveness due to the advances of filters that providers and users are using, but Orkut is still quite vulnerable, and a scrap there usually has guaranteed attention not only from the owner of the profile, As some more people.

The latest craze of spam that is quite troubling are those of a certain theological seminary, these guys create fake profiles and send in Orkut scraps that are friendly and convincing enough to fool a good portion of his victims, that even agradecem by ele.

But do not be fooled, this practice is uncomfortable, invasive and extremely harmful to the servers get overloaded for nothing. As if all this were not enough there is the absurdity of the courses offered by this institution, lo:

Pastor Training: R$ 800,00
Bachelor of Theology: R$ 1.000,00
MA in Biblical Studies: R$ 1.400,00
Doctorate in Divinity: R$ 1.800,00

Detail: courses are all correspondence and last 5 meses 🙂

And lately that MEC validating walks up course “Bachelor of Trico and Crochet” decided to move away from that there…

Christians must begin to be less naive and stop thinking that every comment that comes from another Christian is something good and enjoyable, nothing really good comes to you by spam sent by a fake profile on Orkut, was reached in this way has something wrong, then I can not thank the scrap, report it via the link “False, Denounce” 's own Orkut.

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[…] Há algum tempo escrevi um artigo sobre um certo seminário, that has been offering distance courses pastor and doing their dissemination via spam on Orkut, Technically at least questionable, mainly being done by so-called "pastors". […]




I did the Pastoral Training Course (edited by moderator: PROPAGANDA, not cite names seminars). I confess that it is a course rich enough, since it is ecclesiastical administration among other issues. Disagree with SPAM course; But we should not attack the courses and these values, because the error is greater than who does the course without calling and vocation to ministry. If it were lasting 4 years and 5.000 Dollars would be more respected? Not everyone can afford and willing to travel or move to another city to attend a private university or even to have a Federal Theological training. If the main subject is SPAM, alright, But if the subject away from his goal, those who comment that they are worse.


Look I made in the course of pastor (edited by moderator: PROPAGANDA, not cite names seminars) and I did not find the course content without, on the contrary when I saw the material studied and learned a lot, the material is excellent.
I think this site should worry about other things and stop talking bad about people who only want to get the word of GOD… They should also want to learn…Envy is a sin too great…

Carla Alvares

Look you want me to send my pictures, to see that I am a person who really exists?!!
I am a Christian, and a person like me need not be lying…
Because you think the courses are not properly recognized????
The director of the Seminario is Pr. Dr. (edited by moderator: not cite names of people doing propaganda and use the title of doctor for people who do not have PhD).. if u want to call in the Call Center (edited by moderator: do not put phone numbers here, this also is SPAM), they will serve you well, I was treated like eu…. I want to step up the number of my tuition and asks you connect qdo, to see that I actually did the course…
Look I do not need to be proving anything to you, I think so q should worry about other things and disseminate stop getting badmouthing people who are want to take the word of God…..
Thank you


Look I just stated the pastor's name and phone number to call you. If not want, so do not call. Now you should worry about useful things and getting people talking bad q so want to take the word of God. Look so the course is recognized by the MEC as a free course, for ecclesiastical fins, mean for church.
And that's. Stay with God.

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