First day of the year

Good Morning Brazil!!

Happy New Year to all!!

I'm not not delayed, but for many the year begins now, today to tell the truth, yes!! Day 03/07/06.

When making plans, ” try ” put life into order, same old story: This year I will do it, I will not do that, pay all the bills, not spend more, ultimately…

You may be wondering why I'm saying this. Simple!! The Brazilian is living your reality TODAY.

Unfortunately, Every year people say that the year starts only after Carnival, and this year “started” after Cup, moreover, it is not over yet, but for our Brazilian team yes.

Whether or not gained, they remain well, but much richer than we. I will not deny that I hoped to Brazil, mas posso dizer que não saí darealidade”.

Today, only heard murmurings: Brazil is that, is that, did not do it, não fez aquiloAgora eu pergunto: What have you done to change something in your life? What have you done to get a better job? A living wage (though it may be very difficult to win what we deserve), ultimately.

Sitting in front of the TV watching the World Cup or any other program, will not bring any benefit to you. While you do this, there are still some intelligent who are fighting for what they want, going after jobs, studies, growing increasingly.

As I always say: If you do not lust after our rights, for we can have something, NOBODY will do anything for you.

Most boys want to be football players to earn well, be in the media, leave everything, mainly studies, there happens as with our selection, lose, its technical dismiss you, there will pull wagon because he can not even sing the National Anthem own.

And they say: I am patriot!!

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