Profiting from the stupidity of others (with itself or)

I was analyzing the access logs of this blog as I do routinely and noticed something curious: the longer string used in search engines (especially Google) the people who came here is “A 1st time of Rita Cadillac”. I was wondering why Google is sending forth visitors seeking the pornographic movie's illustrious old woman, after all there must be numerous websites that talk about the film around, This is not the case with this. Moreover this site talks about many other issues that are far from the first place “Rita”.
I found that the first citation of this blog was this lady in a post I put on here the last time the Corinthians won the Sao Paulo, I received a text email and I merely reproduce it here. This text was quoted that the last time the Corinthians won the São Paulo (what really makes looong time) “Rita Cadillac had not done porn .... nor Alexandre Frota”.

Encontrada então a primeira citação do nome da “actress”, but that still does not explain why so many visits, after all many sites must quote it as well and many must be unique about it, and obviously have preference in search engines for a search with her name.

It was then that I realized an important little detail. A grafia correta do nome artístico da referida “actress” it is “Rita Cadilac” (with only one G) not “Rita Cadillac”. In other words, to reproduce the text without review it and check the name I inadvertently took advantage of another's stupidity (a dos visitantes que não sabem o nome daRitinha”) to attract visitors here. In the title alluded to my own stupidity also because this actually happened unintentionally, I who did not check that the spelling was correct.

But it made me think about a feature that has been widely used by wise guys wanting to maximize your profits, that is to create pages with several incorrect spellings to attract visits. It is true that many people will write wrong and the return will be guaranteed, muitas páginas na internet podem falar da “Rita Cadilac”, so talking about it will make your page just one of many and probably your position in search engines will not be the best, mas falar sobre a “Rita Cadillac” (misspelled) will certainly make you one of the few, and this will ensure you a good position in search engines for those wrong search.

We can go beyond, one such car manufacturer could write some wrong spellings of your competitors, something like Wolksvagen, Chevrole, Done, and redirect them to the site of its own factory, atraindo assim a atenção das pessoasburrasinteressadas em carros da Volkswagen, Chevrolet and Fiat for cars of its own factory. I did not try here real examples of this practice, but be assured that it occurs very.

We can go beyond, is very easy to register domains on the Internet with the wrong spelling, so someone could register and redirect it to the site of its plant (moreover, I think only this is not happening with this area because this area is blocked by I even have an example to cite, once registered just for fun the domain, to make a parody site on the university of the same name, whose real site is And is not that suddenly the site began to receive several hits from people who typed in the wrong URL? Also received numerous emails targeted to teachers and university officials, coming from people who simply wrong to enter the e-mail address and allows the changed domain. Obviously the intention of creating the domain that was not, once again it was an accident. All emails received were discarded without further harm other than the fact that the recipient never receive it. But an attacker could easily be used in such a practice for unethical purposes, how to respond with offers to customers who have tried to write to the competitors, but missed the address; or even receive confidential information from unsuspecting employees who make mistakes when typing the e-mail domain co-workers or partners.

Ultimately, there is considerable scope to profit from other people's stupidity. O Google até inventou uma solução paliativa para isso que é apresentar no topo dos resultados de busca uma frase comoVocê quis dizer:” seguido da palavra pesquisada na grafia correta, for all the most common mistakes and even some unusual.

This automatic fix to generated a series of jokes about some unusual corrections, como a coreção apresentada ao digitartodo goiano é viado”, em que o Google solta umVocê quis dizer: ‘todo baiano é viado'”. The Bahia did not like, mas a talcorreçãojá vem ocorrendo há meses e continua sendo feita até hoje.
But anyway, essa é outra históriavou ficando por aqui que esse post já está longo demais 🙂

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