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This post is actually a comment to my excellent article by columnist Camilo Telles from the ForumPCs. It analyzes the business model of Google, and points out some products that were not as successful:

  • Google Talk: has today 2% Market instant-messaging
  • Google Finance: quadragéssimo is in place between financial sites.
  • Gmail: has a quarter of users of MSN and Yahoo.
  • Orkut: is only successful in Brazil. In the U.S. it has 1% Market with MySpace unquestionably leading.

This is information coming, which I add my comments (I made this comment in ForumPCs, but I thought it deserved a place here in my own space to give room for a good discussion that is not the focus of the article necesariamente):

Google Talk: despite the apparent failure by having only 2% market, he can be better than MSN leader in many aspects, is more reliable (MSN often not the message reaches the recipient and the sender does not receive any notice), web version has a very good and mild, not afford useless' miguxos’ they just make the program cumbersome and incomprehensible conversation, among others…

Gmail: I also think far superior to Hotmail and Yahoo, was innovative in offering gigabytes of space and the contestants had to chase, has merit but so far nobody has copied, that is able to download the e-mails by POP and yet they remain on the server. Hotmail is so bad that neither POP has.

Orkut: has a number of defects yes, but it is still much better than the Spaces.

Ultimately, Google these products may not even have done so successfully, but they are still the best.

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