VoipCheap X UOLFone

And it seems that VoipCheap also walks to succeed here, still losing to Rita, but being very popular by our visitors.

Good, I will report what I noticed in the past that have made use of this software: in the item price it despite not having more advantage of free calls is still relatively cheap, the 3 cents still outweigh compared to R $ 0,14 charged by UOLFone. But in the question the quality UOLFone is taking advantage. VoipCheap has a serious lag problem, talk to people who know how to deal with it is even possible, but when trying to connect on a bench today the official hung up on me, because the finished speaking he could not wait a few seconds to hear my answer, ficando desesperado dizendoAlo, alo!!, alo!!!” e isso impossibilita qualquer comunicação, and not even try to explain pro citizen you are using VoIP, this would be difficult with lag, imagine then with lag. I made the same connection with the UOLFone and lag, although there, is much smaller, almost imperceptible, allowing a much more quiet conversation, despite that when he decides fail much picota (the price you pay to use a smaller buffer).

I would like to test Skype to compare it with the two, if it has the same quality of UOLFone end up being my favorite, it has a higher price than the voipcheap, but still lower than the UOLFone.

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