A Message to Garcia

It is about a man named Rowan who stood out on the horizon Cuban.

When war broke out between Spain and the United States, What mattered most to them was to contact the head ” Garcia ” that is not sertão encontrava-Cuban. But it was impossible to communicate with him by mail or telegraph.

That's when someone had a brilliant idea and remembered a man named ” Rowan ” and communicated to the President, which was promptly brought to him.

The President has entrusted a letter to be delivered to Garcia. Without questioning, Rowan pega paper it, put it in a waterproof casing, tied it on his chest and, after four days, jumped from a boat, high noite, nas coast of Cuba, how he plunged in the backcountry and after three weeks, emerged on the other side of the island, having traversed a hostile country on foot and delivering the letter to Garcia.

Good, I want to stress is that the President gave Rowan a letter to be delivered to Garcia, and Rowan took the letter and did a question whether the king, only obeyed.

This post describes our willpower, we want to do all that is entrusted to us, unquestioningly, much less complain. Even if it is to human eyes ” impossible “, in the case of this letter is to make her reach Garcia, you will seek to do ” impossible ” to make it happen.

And a detail: ” Alone ”

Whenever we are faced with something that seems very difficult one of the first things that come to our mind is to seek help with someone, or just say: I can not, and neither at least tried.

An excerpt of this message caught my attention: ” Not bookish wisdom that youth need, nor instruction about this and that. Need yes, a hardening vertebral, to be able to show up in the performance of a lofty position; to act with diligence, to account for the message; to, in short, carry a message to Garcia ”

But what we see are often people assist irregular, neglect, indifference annoying and sloppy work, this seems a general rule.

An example that the author narrates, All of a sudden your boss is looking for his employee and says:” I wanted to have the goodness to consult the encyclopedia and make me a brief description of the life of Correggio ”

No case of Garcia, he says: ” Yessir, and xecuta what YOU are ordered ”

In the case of employee, he looks puzzled and your boss starts asking too many questions, some of them would: ” Who is he? That encyclopedia? Where is the encyclopedia? I was hired to do this chance? And if John did? Has died? Need it urgently? Is it not better that I bring to the book that you find whatever?…

Now I ask you: Does this job you complain or both craves and can not, the problem is not in you?

Particularly this ” message ” made me análisasse my behaviour in my work, If you want to grow professionally, my fruits have to start from that position which for many means nothing.

The word of God tells us this in Matthew: 25:21 – I told him the Lord: very good, good and faithful servant; you were no fiel pouco, I will set you over much; enter the joy of your Senhor.

Now someone needs to deliver a letter to Garcia, you can deliver it?

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