The rise (e is?) church-enterprises

Some time ago I wrote a article about a certain theological seminary, that has been offering distance courses pastor and doing their dissemination via spam on Orkut, Technically at least questionable, mainly be being made for cases “Pastors”.

Hoje li um article in Folha Online, that although old I had not yet seen, he talks about some of the things that such a course teaches, um total absurdo, to enrage any Christian or non-Christian. Of course, the Leaf is not the most reliable source in the world, but judging by the disclosure practices of the Seminar, it's hard not to believe in Leaf.
I recommend reading the full article, but I will mention here some interesting topics:

“Before opening a church, for example, he must study the region and the target audience. If the location is poor, help attract people to distribute snacks and raffle baskets. Assembly of God in the Garden of Apura (south zone of São Paulo), that is faithful to the end of the service receives a hot dog.”

It reminded me of that old story of students who go to school just because of the lunch. Here is the same thing, The hot dog is the reward for those who endure to the end worship. But do not blame these “faithful”, must be hard to bear even a cult of a pastor with a vision of these.

“It is also important that the pastor is' an actor, um dramaturgo’ to 'accommodate the people, draw your attention and close your mouth '.”

Ah Sim, pastors who call attention to the Word and the gift of wisdom and interprets it are outdated, fashion is now “pastor-ator”. AFFF!

“To be efficient, it is advised to eat well and exercise with weight training and running. When you have to teach for very long time, should avoid sex in the previous four days.”

Assuming then that the pastor do two services a week (most do much more than that) he must have sex… never. In other words, era mais fácil ter se formado padre 🙂

“Another determining factor for success is to preach the will of the public. In general, diz or course, poorer people tend to like 'see supernatural things’ (as exorcism sessions), dancing, sing and hear the pastor speak in tongues (glossolalia).”

Again, are outmoded those pastors who preach what God has prepared, fashion now is to show what people want to see: people speaking in tongues, exorcism, jugglers, leão tamers, Clowns, shooters of FACA, all the best style “igreja-circus”, or “church-program-of-mouse”.

“You should also employ the largest number of faithful in church. 'Those who participate and feel valued not migrate to another church, pagam o dízimo todo mês e trazem a família e amigos para vê-los.'

It reminded me of a cult that attended a church that I visited once: at one point the pastor called forward all the people who had ministry, and 90% people who were present there were, and not a few were not, I think only the visitors sat. Then they started to enumerate the ministries. Just missed there “ministry of fries from the cafeteria hotdogs”, because of rest had all, a plethora of ministries, that could quietly be subgroups of a larger group called “Ministry ASPONE”.

To complete another sheet linkzinho, which tells the story of a guy who decided to make the “Pastor Training Course” of this seminar. “After the institution sent the questionnaire responses, received his diploma and your card Shepherd. Then, abandoned the Church of the Foursquare Gospel, who frequented hitherto, and devoted himself to own temple.” Result: in ten months that seemed thriving church closed its doors.

It is not for us to judge whether it was a good student of, techniques applied correctly or not, but it is a reflection on the directions that some (fortunately not all) churches are taking: Will companies to transform churches into these people are doing God's will? Attracting loyal at any cost?

I think it all depends on what the purpose of these “churches, businesses”, companies as everyone knows were made to make money, know that story “company mission” blah blah blah and you learn management classes? All bullshit, the mission of a company will always make money. So if that's what these “churches” want, Prune be tied to work, after all in some denominations the number of members has increased quite. But it is a pity that when Jesus returns, be a pastor or member-actor-eater-hot dogs packed church will not guarantee anyone's Rapture.

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Fact that gets worse every day ...

This fact is really long scripture, revealing the seriousness of the prophecies of the New Testament. Such as, we read in Matthew 24:24 because there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, that, if possible, deceive even the elect.

This is a reality that worsens with each passing day. Sendo isto real, a fact, we must be prepared and signed in God at all times, because this is the end times that “all” fear…

Claudia Breve

Unfortunately this is happening too often. I once heard a person say that churches and bars are the same things, every corner you find a. And it is well that it is in Article, people are doing church, an "enterprise", a way of being able to earn money. I want to make it clear, I'm not saying all, glory God that there are still churches that take the gospel seriously. It is absurd to charge a fortune a pastor to preach, in fact it is absurd charge. Both pastors who "studied it" and actually has the "call" of God for the work and not the "famous profetadas" and strive for it, actually work for the gospel, has its own salary, they are accredited and a detail: You see the fruits, is not something that is born today and already die tomorrow, yes go through struggles, but you see the hand of God sustaining and always providing a way or another, for He Himself said that NEVER leave us alone. Now if by chance the pastor of the church and not the "guest" asking bid (without forcing) I see no problem, so that the offer is voluntary. In Matthew 10:08 Jesus diz: “Curai… Read more "

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