A doubt: turned modinha now call Superman Azulão? Or the deal was already old and I just had not heard? For me Azulão was Rio Claro Football Club…

Ainda não vi o filme 🙁 O Paul Villaça spoke it sucks… But staff Judao like… As I do not know who to believe I guess I better go check it.

But first I wanted to see the first two (and perhaps the third and fourth all say they are a great caca), anyway I want to be able to compare. I know I watched some of my childhood, mas não lembro mais deles 🙁

Anyway what I liked the most was the Superman series “Lois Clark e” (that Globo spent with the horrendous name “The New Adventures of Superman”), I know the personal fan of comics (that never li eu) hates the show, but I like. Will's still going on some channel? Warner? If anyone knows let me know…

Smallville is also kinda cool, I found some episodes through forced and embarrassed, but not followed as the entire series is difficult to assess.

And Chega, when I watch “Superman – The Return” I'll comment… 😛

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is corny make these posts full of faces

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