Idiots Orkut

As if that wasn't enough the plague of SPAM that invaded this once-useful tool to reconnect with old friends, coworkers, etc. Now we also have to tolerate the plague of idiots who want to get satisfaction because you viewed their profiles.
If you are on Orkut, often view other people's profiles and maintains the option enabled to know who visited his, then surely you should have already received a message (scrap) ner: “Who are you?”, “Why entered my profile?”, “What are you snooping?”, Among other phrases less educated.
Orkut should delete the profile of people who do this kind of question and banish them forever from the community. Now, if you created a profile on Orkut you know that it is available for anyone who wants to see it, nobody has to give satisfaction, you made the data available in a public place, anyone can see, Invasion is not.

Are snooping? Who told you to be beast of putting data that does not want others to know… Invaded their privacy by reading his messages? Now, the messages are there for all to see, Who sends you write important information in them? If you want privacy use your email…

It makes sense to put some information on the Internet and does not want others to see, is equal to a newspaper advertisement and not wanting anyone read.

Recently I received a comment from a citizen offending me because I visited her profile, to top it off I received threats of type “you do not know who you're messing”, “care”, etc. It is inappropriate?
Ultimately, if you want privacy, do not want anyone seeing your profile, do yourself a favor to the community and her skirt, just click the link “settings” and then the link “exclude conta” and ready: an idiot unless Orkut.

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but look what audacity do this post..
you do not know who you're messing!

you can have a crisis of laughter.. ahaha

José Renato

Good, liked the text.

Foolish in the extreme not want / like someone sees something public, no case, a profile of orkut…

“If you want privacy use your e-mail ...” – He said all, comrade.


Good Comrade, text, But you could have been more radical, and less educated by the height asneras that such deadly compelled him to read… ner ” It's because I was looking for some profiles and idiots invisitáveis, to make a print and send you saites those who publish and make a phrase calling” know the type… embrace it because I'm not all that lucky someone send me this type of message…. but am struggling.. For me approach this day…

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