Chamber of 10 megapixel camera for taking pictures at 640×480 (VGA)

The cameras Digital cameras are becoming cheaper and more popular. Everywhere you go there is at least one person taking pictures, events and situations that are not about shooting at the time that the film chemical predominated.

But it is curious to note that the vast majority, I'd say more than 90%, people under-utilize their cameras, use only the basic features, never explored the more advanced features and mainly: underutilize the resolution of its sensors.

The vast majority uses the pathetic VGA resolution, that ends any detail, that removes any possibility of a printing decent, which makes any camera current is as good as one of the first digital cameras mid- 1997 which had 640×480 as the maximum resolution.

The excuse for using such resolution: fit more photos. The amount is more important than the quality. At maximum resolution fit very few photos. But that? Here are the reasons:
1) Guilt two manufacturers: In price war dance that the first item is the memory card, that ends up with the smallest possible size. Only serves to test the machine. Nobody dares to include a larger card because that would increase the price and these 90% using VGA resolution would never be able to recognize the additional value. And that brings us to the second and biggest culprit…

2) He blames two consumers: Yes, they are the main culprits, to that of buying a camera 10 megapixel camera and take pictures in VGA? There's no reason for it. It would be better to buy a camera with lower resolution (and use the remaining money to buy a card), mas-utilizá the plenamente, that photo Garanto 5 taken with a megapixel camera of 5 megapixels are infinitely better than photos taken with a VGA camera for 10 megapixels.

Interestingly the question that every layman does when he sees a camera is: “How many megapixels it has?”. Nobody even knows exactly what the measure means, but it is being used to index how good a camera is, the same way as the megahertz computer was used by laymen as the only measure of how good a PC is. But at least these megahertz PC all were just as underutilized, the cameras people want to buy more and more megapixels, but you never utilizam, is equal to buying a Ferrari and only ride in first gear.
But how long will it take for consumers to realize this? I am pessimistic, with time things will only get worse, and the tendency is that the underutilization continues, We will leave only when the level VGA resolution cameras of increasing resolution and minimum spend being 1 megapixel ou mais. E ainda assim vai ter gente que vai reclamar que a camera antiga cabia mais fotos e elas eram menores

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Bem vindo to was from ignorancia technological,in fact this was not the right is “current” , Just remember some comments as: “he knows how to program the VCR recording!!!??” or “people this is a camcorder camera move up”.Another example of “radius for which it serves??” are the current DVD Players , usually you only know which one is more expensive than the other , but if you ask for any seller that one is better than the other, or it will not curl or sabe.Isso say that everything is already a matter of consumption tax on brains more mesmerized the world, which one do you buy only to find that your neighbor will get jealous or want to buy a melhor.Lembro very well and I remember the thrill of so many people who formerly used the drawer of the CD-Rom as the PC port copos.Não , for thinking that the computer program and the internet Mixe.