Boicote to Cicarelli

Let's help spread this link:

I reproduce below the idea that we should follow:

If you think the wrong Cicarelli and boyfriend want to block youtube for Brazilian users and open legal precedent for censorship in the Brazilian internet join our Boycott!
It's really very simple join the Boycott! Just do not watch MTV and not buy any product that Cicarelli announce to her and such a “This” give up block youtube (opening dangerous precedent for Internet freedom in Brazil) or she be fired, whichever comes first.
Not our fault that some people think that public beach is Motel!
If you do not watch her programs and do not buy the things she announces, if you only know who Cicarelli because she walked with Ronaldo, help this boycott publicizing this site! We will win the fascists!”

Update: created a community to help in the campaign:

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