Judge asks desinterdição site Youtube in Brazil

'The judge 4.Câmara Private Law, Enio Santarelli Zuliani, issued a new order, managed by Counsel, on the case Daniela Cicarelli / Renato Malzoni Son and the video released by the website Youtube, in which now seeks the release of the site and says: “Oficie up urgently so that the judgment transmit to countermand, for fast communication system, in order to achieve the release site Youtube, maintained that the determination to take action in order to block access to video footage of the couple, if it can be, in the technical, though without banning the full site”.’

Source: G1

Better that he had written what he wanted right the first time… after writing right is the minimum you expect from someone who commands more than the President.

Does anyone doubt that Telefonica and Telecom Brazil, They ran the same puppy to meet the blocking order, now will roll a long time to accept the order of release?

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