Bandeirantes, channel floodplain

28 January 2006

Game: Rio Claro FC X Sao Paulo FC
Stadium: Augusto Filho Schimidt (Rio Claro)
Transmission: Bandeirantes, Globe, Sky-PPV

How not to transmit the game in the place where it is occurring EPTV São Carlos had to pass Palmeiras X Barueri, normal…

But the Bandeirantes, the channel that has been the sport, lost them all to Globe and is now trying to recover gave greater blunder: game time simply turned off the transmitter, or to pass another game, a movie or at least put a message about what was happening served, took the same air, and only returned when the game is over. Probably called pro tiozinho that takes care of transmitting antennas and sent it off the main switch and turn on again after 18 hours.

Rioclarenses to left:

  • watch by EPTV Campinas, that in some neighborhoods caught in the channel 12 VHF (I do not know that the city has, but arrives, with bad images to most)
  • watch the Internet, by TV Tarobá, Band of relay (only for those who have broadband internet, bad image)
  • watch visor Bandeirantes Vivax (tv out) (only for those who have Vivax)
  • pay $ 55,00 (more expensive than the most expensive ticket in the stadium) to see in the Sky PPV (only for those who have Sky and are willing to pay the absurd value)

Only pra record: Fiquei com a segunda opção

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