Earn money by reading emails

Know Publitpt, the Portuguese site that pays in Euros for you to read ads for emails, visit sites that interest you, click advertisers banners, and refer others.

They also pay for Brazilian. Not achieve even the minimum to receive the first payment. But already received several sites that utilziam similar systems: Trocamania, Desktop Dollars, Spedia, Comission Junction e Safe Audit. Put the scan of checks here if anyone is interested to see them. Only one system gave me default: such Multikredits, that was the most famous, had advertising on MTV, stand na Fenasoft, but disappeared owe me 250 dollars. All others were honest and always sent the checks in US dollars have been duly deducted from the Bank of Brazil. The Publipt looks serious risk and costs, after all is just click on the link that comes at the end of emails advertising. Afinal já recebemos tantos spams diariamente sem receber nada por eles

Click here and register, It's free.

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