Gatorade: now only in plastic packaging

Gatorade in glass bottles was good, but the new plastic bottle was just awful. I sent an email to the SAC wondering why this exchange:

Por que não existe mais Gatorade na embalagem de vidro? The taste was much better. I stopped taking Gatorade because now only against plastic packaging, in which the taste is horrible. Thank you.”

And the answer I got was this:

Hello Fabrizio,

Thanks for the contact!!

Changes have been made according to market research and suggestions from consumers themselves.


My question is: Someone participated in that such market research?

I did not participate…

If you also agree that the plastic Gatorade bottle is horrible fill the SAC staff bag you also, the more people hungry, the greater the likelihood that take one step back and put the Gatorade in glass bottle.

Email SAC: [email protected]

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