The last time the Corinthians won the Sao Paulo (updated)

Since the Corinthians lost again for Sao Paulo, we have to update that list (my updates are in italics)

  • Pope John Paul II was still
  • Sony had not yet released the Playstation 2 (have launched the 3)
  • The Ronaldinho was still not the best in the world.
  • The Tele was among us ... and live the Tele!
  • The curintia not called MSI.
  • The BBB was the first .. (and still had people who watched)
  • Brazil had just been in the last penta Cup (now the last cup is a shame)
  • My cell phone was the BCP! and not CLARO!
  • Nem existia coca light lemon… e nem pepsi twist… let alone the new coca coca light.
  • Palmeiras tava outside the Premiership .... he is back and already're in crisis again
  • Sandy was a virgin ....
  • The Sadam tava loose .... now he hanged up
  • The Zidane was at the peak ..
  • I doubt if anyone knew what a tsunami?
  • The Maluf had not been arrested .. already released and he has become deputy…
  • The CARLITOS popcorn did not know what was the Curintia (and now he does not even remember most)
  • The São Paulo was still "only" Twice champion of America
  • The São Paulo was still "only" Twice champion of the World
  • The São Paulo was still “only” Brazilian triple champion
  • No one even knew what would be the fashion "Trash" to back the years 80!!!
  • O Matrix Reloaded, the second in the series had not been released ... Today I finished the trilogy!!! (and the final was a worse drug Corinthians)
  • Roll was 10 cents ...
  • Few people had broadband at home ... was the basis of the same dial-up.
  • There was no note 2 and 20 real (and they still worth something)
  • There was no cable TV on ABC
  • Sky and DirecTV were still two different companies
  • There was television with plasma screen (and less LCD)
  • But not monitores LCD
  • Maradona tava fat and almost dying!!!
  • The carandiru still existed ... then the stadium had Curintia!
  • There was Sprite Zero, Pepsi X, Fanta Tangerine
  • The São Paulo had not humiliated the Skunks by 5 × 1 in full Pacaembu ... place they try to steal the town hall for years!
  • A Brazilian had not gone into space. (has returned and no one even remembers more)
  • Who is Valério's??? and monthly allowance?
  • There was no DVD in the car.
  • CD player with MP3 was a R $ 1,000.00
  • Luciano Huck nor had papacy Angelica!!!! hehehehe ... Today their son already're almost in college!!!
  • The Yugoslavia still existed (and had a good selection bitch ...)
  • Rivaldo was the holder
  • Varig was at its height!!! (and the crisis of flights did not exist)
  • The Aeneas had a beard
  • Cars: There was the Honda Fit, the new Palio, the Stillo, the new Uno, the new Vectra, New Celtic, Montana, Fox…
  • The Tevez knew what it was to win a Libertadores ... at Boca Juniors..Lógico!
  • Ronaldo did not even know who that such a Ciccarelli ... already married, already divorced, already should even be married again…
  • Nova Schin???? Sol?
  • It had not been released as DVDs historical collections of Macgyver and Keys. (Keys or drawing)
  • Rita Cadillac had not done porn .... nor Alexandre Frota (have now taken a lot)
  • There was still the Banco Santos
  • The Cid Moreira was still a member of the Fantastic
  • Grandpa's Great Family was alive.
  • TIM did not exist in Brazil (until now was bought by Claro)
  • The Portuguese was in 1st division
  • The Rio Claro was still at third or fourth division of Paulistão
  • We still know what were the "Pajama Bananas"
  • The Guga still playing tennis .... and well, was the best in the world
  • The Sheilas were the duo is the Tchan (It is the Tchan?)
  • I was beginning to phase works Tietê river ..... and is over!!!!
  • Petrobras also sent in Bolivia ...
  • The Edilson Pereira de Carvalho had not helped Opossums to win a title ... just to say that MSI was good even!!!!
  • Had not blamed the Mouse Program and Loyalty Test John Cleber
  • Beti does not passava – The Ugly, na TV…. hahahahaha
  • Luxembourg or dreamed of being coach of Real Madrid (or taking a walk in the ass there)
  • Dan Brown racunhava what would become "The Da Vinci Code" (now has to movie, which by the way sucks)
  • There was Bi-Fuel car ... And alcohol was less than R $ 1.00
  • The Avenue waters Espraiadas not called Roberto Marinho after all ..., he was alive ....
  • Vera Summer was alive and Curintiana with pride!!!!!!
  • Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima had not been pushed by the Irish priest
  • Serginho São Caetano was running half marathon per game and was champion Sao Paulo at Sao Caetano!
  • Bush was not re-elected ...
  • Schumacher was still champion of Formula 1 – Fernando Alonso ran Kart yet ... hahahaha
  • Yasser Arafat, was the leader of Palestine
  • New Orleans was an entire city
  • The win was the first division of the Brasileirão .... for those who do not know today is the third!!!!
  • A DVD player do not go less than R $ 600 (today has recorder for less than £ 400)
  • The Corinthians had not stadium (ops… it remains the same)
  • The São Paulo had not dropped four technical Corinthians: Junior, Juninho Fonseca, Tite and Daniel Passarella
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