FIFA unveils new rules after classic in Morumbi

JOÃO COLON, COPENHAGEN, SWITZERLANDMedida visa manter competitividade entre as equipes

Looking balance to dispute, a FIFA, entity Maximum football world, released on Monday a package with 10 specific rules for the Classic Sao Paulo x Corinthians. The measure aims to keep the disputed and balanced match. Under the rule set released:

  1. The Sao Paulo can only score goals from outside the box. Within the area only worth bike or letter;
  2. It is forbidden to the athlete Rogério Ceni beat fouls and penalties;
  3. The team Corinthians is free of impediments;
  4. The beam of Sao Paulo should the size of the small area;
  5. For security reasons, when the game is on Pacaembu the Sao Paulo is forbidden to mark more than 2 goals;
  6. The Sao Paulo loses the right to Corner;
  7. The Corinthians shall be entitled to 10 plus the goalkeeper substitutions;
  8. Fica expressamente proibido a torcida tricolor gritarolé”;
  9. Strikers Sao Paulo can only score a goal per game;
  10. It is forbidden to fire coach Corinthians after the game.

That the form FIFA intended to preserve the competitiveness of the classic.

Source: Wiki

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