April 04 2007

E-mail to UOL, the provider that has no phone

I live in Rio Claro-SP, according to the information contained on the website UOL (https://sac.uol.com.br / info / connection / telefones_suporte_r.jhtm), support number for Rio Claro-SP is 0800 771 7774, however to call the number I hear the following recorded message:

Infelizmente não podemos atendê-lo. Your connection comes from an area outside of our work. Thank you”.

Also tried the other number: 4002-9002, and for that I heard the following recorded message:

Telesp informa: that phone number does not exist. Favor consultar o catálogo telefônico ou chamar o serviço de informações

Completing, therefore, is impossible to speak with UOL by phone from the city of Rio Claro-SP. And before you put the blame on Telefonica notice that these messages I hear are the same in ALL and ANY phone the city of Rio Claro-SP, and not only in my.

I've done this several times complaint, UOL but apparently does not care to have subscribers Rio Claro-SP, because the message is that we are out of the area of ​​operation remains there since months without any action has been taken.

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