April 14 2007

Sell-if diplomas

I found through a SPAM Orkut a website selling of diplomas (I will not put the link to do “propaganda”), see the proposed site:

  • Education Average Transcript with only by R$ 300,00.
  • Education Fundamental Transcript with only by R$300,00.
  • Education Average and Fundamental together for only R$ 600,00

Education Average guaranteed by 4 days in his home.
Nosso diploma (Middle school certificate) is recognized by the MEC and the Official Gazette valid throughout the national territory.

So far nothing new, since it is common knowledge that buying diploma in Brazil is easy. But the face-to-cock citizens is amazing, The site has dominion. com.br, in other words, Brazil is not registered Registro.br, where it takes a CNPJ to have a register.

The CNPJ in question belongs to an association with addresses in Sao Paulo (is the same as in the record), The CNPJ is active and the activities are recorded:

  • Activities associations defending social rights
  • Social services without accommodation
  • Activities of membership organizations linked to culture and art
  • Associative activities not specified elsewhere

If you catch, did not see a good way from that site that sold marijuana.

Doubts remain:

  • The business is “serious”?
  • They even sell diplomas? Or are only taking money and not delivering anything? (You will complain at Procon who bought a diploma and do not deliver?)
  • And if true, who's to blame? Whose buy? Enterprises that require qualifications for jobs that they are not really needed? After all, if necessary, a guy who bought the diploma would soon be unmasked and dismissed.
  • The owners of the CNPJ in question actually are the owners of “business”? It should not be so difficult to create a record using CNPJ others.
  • E Enfim: How long will it last?

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