Lula asks Brazil to stop speaking ill of the country

A day after criticizing the negative news media, President Luiz Inacio da Silva said that Brazilians need to stop talking about evil themselves. Yesterday, Lula said he doesn't see anything “beautiful in the Brazilian press” and that only reads negative news in the headlines.

Today, Lula said that we need to stop talking badly about Brazil. “Those who travel the world a lot sometimes come back disappointed with the image that is created of Brazil abroad. Moreover, I think Brazil is the only country where Brazilians travel out and speak evil of Brazil. You do not see a Swiss speak ill of Switzerland, you do not see an Italian speaking ill of Italy, but Brazilians love to talk [times].”

Source: Folha Online

So the Italians do not speak ill of Italy and the Swiss do not speak ill of Switzerland… you will see that it is because their president is not Lula.

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Carlos André

My dear Skooter, Lula was elected thanks to two basic promises: moralization and reforms. At the end of the day, was the mentor of the monthly allowance and nothing has changed. Not satisfied, invented someone worse than him to run the country. And the people believed. Brazil does not deserve this.

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