The butt of the horse and NASA

O mais puro exemplo de como temos que nos adaptar a atitudes tomadas no passado

The gauge railways (distance between 2 rails) US is 4 feet and 8,5 inches!
* Because this number was used?
* Because this was the gauge of the English railways and how US were built by the British, this measure was used.

* Because the British used this measure?
* Because the British companies who built the cars were the same who built the carts before the railways and used the same tooling of the wagons.

* Because das measures (4 feet and 8,5 inches) for carts?
* Because the distance between the wheels of the wagons should fit in the old roads of Europe that had this measure.

* And why had this measure?
* Because these roads were opened by the Roman Empire when its achievements and these measures were based on ancient Roman chariot.

* And because the measures of the chariots were defined so?
* Because they were made to accommodate 2 Horses rear!

Finally… O ônibus espacial americano Shuttle utiliza 2 Fuel tank (SRBSolid Rocket Booster) that are manufactured by Thiokol in Utah. The engineers who designed the wanted to make it wider, but had to limit the tunnels of the railways where they would be transported that had their measures based on the line gauge.

Conclusion: The most advanced example of world engineering design and technology is based on the size of the Roman horse ass.

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