Farewell letter of CDP em 2002

The news came as a bomb, actually, as a terrorist attack that is more fashionable. O CDP acabou? How is this possible? The faces of angry fans said it all. It was the end of a promising career of one of the purest bands, sincere and relaxed in recent times in the country. The last presentation took place in secret, not give 07/12/2001 Junior's house. The event was not disclosed to prevent riots across the site, especially if the fans found out the event's theme would be the farewell of the group. About were recorded 15 music and various statements and outbursts, and all this stuff would remain unpublished.

But CDP, even after its end, ended up being the victim of unscrupulous people who started releasing CDs with pirated recordings latter presentation. These CDs, of extremely dubious quality, were being sold at exorbitant prices for fans of CDP, desperate for some new material from their idols.

On learning of pirated CDs on the market, CDP members decided to officially launch this material to prevent their fans were explored. Quickly the band's manager met with the members and executives of Animal Records and together decided to launch a last CD, gift for fans, entitled "Goodbye".

But the problems did not end there, CDP then became victim of censorship, who tried at all costs avoid this release by judge inappropriate content. The town had to make several changes and delete some statements to get release the CD for fans.

But finally, after so many problems, CDP could launch its newest and latest album on 18/12/2001, as a Christmas gift for all the fans who supported them during his short career. "Goodbye" contains 26 tracks, gathering all the songs performed in the last two presentations (12/07 and 07/12/2001). The drawing is extremely limited, all copies were numbered (Each CD has a unique number) to inhibit piracy.

CDP fans are all rooting for a return or at least a farewell show, but for now there is only uncertainty in the air. But do not be sad, after all you have this unique opportunity to hear the last presentation to decrease the longing. This CD is the best gift you could give us the CDP. So choose your favorite armchair, relax, turn up the volume and enjoy…

Happy holidays…

Merry Christmas. Happy 2002.

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