Multikredits, the default

Does anyone still remember the Multikredits? Arose at the time of the boom in sites that promised to pay its members for accessing sites, receive e-mails, indicates friends, etc… Most of them were created with money from incubators who were investing in any crap without any prospect of return. So some even paid early on, but soon changed the rules and gains became smaller and smaller until they are so ridiculous that almost all abandoned and the site closed. Either crap survives today paying insignificant figures (Know Publipt). But the worst was the type who paid early, suddenly ran out of money and began to curl and create case for not paying members and finally the height of the evidence of default simply disappeared. The Multikredits was one of those. At first all pompous, with advertising on MTV and stand in Fenasoft. In less than a year… total defaults! Gone owe me about 250 dollars, that never receive.

Below one of the last attempts to contact them to receive money before the site disappear:

“I made my record on this site after seeing the same advertisement on MTV, the site promised money and goods in exchange for points that could visit sites and directing people.
I put link to your site on my own site, I told all my friends and finally got the 200.000 points required to redeem for cash (200 dollars).
No give 25/05/2000 I received this email from Multikredits:

“Congratulations!!! Now you can begin to enjoy your money.
Take advantage!!! Here is your confirmation number 000524231114950 . Please keep this email for your control. Continue taking advantage of the opportunities that the MultiKredits brings to you.”

Aguardei 1 month and have not received payment, I tried to contact the company twice, 27/06 and 05/07 and got no answer.

On the third try, in 17/07. I received a response 19/07 saying they would check. And just today, 24/07, is that I received the following message:

“Dear Fabricio,
Sorry to inform you that your application for Kredits exchange will not be processed, because your account was canceled from our systems.
Since you failed to comply with a, or but, of the Terms and Conditions of MultiKredits, providing false information and creating fake accounts, the MultiKredts had no alternative but to terminate your account.
If you have any questions about your situation, Please contact us again.

The accusation was totally groundless, in no time disrespected any of the Terms and Conditions of Multikredits, all data I have provided in my registration are real and obviously did not create any false account.

Thereafter, the Fenasoft, talked the direct marketing manager Renata Rahal Ortiz said he would check what happened.

Many emails after, she informed me that some entries made by nominating persons who I indicated were irregular and would be discounted, and that I would receive the remainder of the payment. So far so good, admitted that it was not me who disrespected the Terms and Conditions of Multikredits and pay me the amount I had right. The problem is that they said that they would pay, asked account number, were providing, etc. etc. but never received any payment.

In 6 October received this message Renata:
“You will be receiving a deposit next week, as well as your certificate from Amazon.”

That did not happen, in 26 October I received another email from Renata:
“Thanks for the information and we will be providing today procedures for crediting an account.”

Once again not received payment, and from that day on I have not received anything more Multikredits, tried to contact several times, but all my emails are ignored.”

In time (1)… When I was at Fenasoft the site already had given me shell, so I decided to announce it in loud and clear to everyone in the stand. Quickly such Renata came to me, called me go inside and said he would solve the problem. Just a scam… As she was an employee can't blame her, It's very likely to have been without the final payment when the “company” disappeared…

In time (2)… several other sites of the same boom paid me correctly (Trocamania, Desktop Dollars, Spedia, etc.) then even managed to take some money from it, but eventually all ended up fading.

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