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Some work beast of the Spanish school… and how I hated that matter!!!

An irresistible desire to drink alcohol does not always cause damage, is a enfemedad called alcoholism. Alcohol is a drug. In the United States the acoholismo is a way to abuse drugs affect in the least 5 million people.

Approximately one third of 3rd graders in the United States are affected with drinking problems. Many may still be alcoholics. Beverage is the leading cause of Perdas tax returns and personal and social problems.

Alcohol also creates many serious physical problems. Over 3 dose per day or more in a few weeks cause destructive removals in the liver.

In 15% people who drink a lot desenvolven cirrhosis which can be fatal. Moving in the brain and nervous system Mental result.

One third of the babies of mothers who drink heavily, especially during the 1st quarter, have physical birth defects or retardation. This condition is called fetal alcohol syndrome. Some drugs such as tranquilizers, when ingested with alcohol can result in death.

The sexual potency and sperm count són drastically reduced in an alcoholic man and woman alcoholic many vezes not produce fertile eggs.

A stream of scientific research, appealing tasting the trend in alcohol abuse occurs within families and, Chemical and inherited defects also occur.

In the family or individually the problem of alcoholism is very serious. The main objective of the alcoholic is to have something to drink until I saw frequently fall victim to drink. Family, work and friends are considered small things when compared to the need of alcohol.

Large consumption of alcoholic beverage, inhibits normal behavior control and depression occurs as a simple function.

Many resources can help, Both are todavia aplicados for Recovery. One Alcoholic accept the fact that you actually have that problem and decides to stop drinking. One alcoholic somehow also credited the amount of alcohol is literally poisonous.

Many specialized treatments when recovering acreditam, an alcoholic can never drink again, for alcoholism is a condition of life.

It is difficult to break the cycle of alcohol, it is still possible when using other.

Alcoholics Anonymous groups, Psychiatrists, psychologists and social services are always among researchers have shown that alcoholics can help one become abstinent. Sometimes they stay for a short period in a detoxification unit in a hospital, perhaps because of the need for cleaning the body and its own recovery.

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