jun 25 2007

Gandia, another pyramid scheme disguised

Today is the day of release of such Gandia, but so far he has not showed up, looks like it was postponed again. For those who still do not know, Gandia is a “project” a site that aims to be equal to Orkut, with a difference, vai be paid!!!

Of course, no one sucker to pay for something that Orkut offers for free, some? So to be able to recruit Su-AAH… ops, participants they set up a multilevel marketing scheme, a cute name for the famous and known pyramid, which is prohibited in Brazil and many other countries. Of course they can claim that it is not a pyramid because the person does not simply pay a pro membership scheme, but also the provision of services, in the case is all that already have for free on Orkut.

And how the multilevel marketing?
When one enters pay a membership fee, and for every person that person invite (that will also pay a membership fee) the person who invited earn a commission. Thus it is clear that the money that someone will necessarily get the other person to join. Not to leave the damage those entering the scheme should recruit more n new participants. For those who are at the top of the pyramid it is relatively simple, because the number of potential participants is still quite large. As the network grows the number of people who may still be recruited becomes smaller, which greatly decreases the chance of someone the base of the pyramid get return. The system will always sink because the number of people is limited, the vast majority of participants will be at the base of the pyramid and will come out on injury, only a minority that is at the top of the pyramid is due out in profit, but the system administrators who get a percentage of all fees paid.

The system sinks when the base personnel realizes that entered a Bored, which is only taking a loss and gives up. Consequently the profits of those above him and diminish the pyramid begins to crumble from the base. To avoid this the only way is to convince people of the base to continue taking damage. But why would anyone accept it? So do you get the added service pyramid, that has to be interesting enough that one does not give up even taking damage. This is where the Gandia will fail, because the services are not attractive, as Orkut they are free.

Remember that all multilevel marketing scheme shows those simulations where the person gets very high figures when fulfills all people at all levels of recruitment. What they forget is that in practice there will be people to fill all these levels. Want to make a real simulation? Take a limited number of people, and go putting them in the pyramid, and calculate the gains of each of these people through the commission of people who are below it, the gains of each of you discount the initial investment. Now see how many people came out in profit and how many left on prejudice…

Understood now? Or want me to draw?

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