World will 9 billion people 2050, diz UN

The world will have em 2050 near 2,5 billion people today to more than, bringing the total inhabitants of the planet 9 billion, estimates a United Nations report (ONU) released on Wednesday (27).

Even 2030, five billion people will live in cities, equivalent to 60% population, said the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

In the year that the world exceeds a mark of more than 50% their 6,6 billion inhabitants living in urban centers, UNFPA has devoted its annual State of World Population 2007 the theme of urbanization.

The urban growth will occur almost exclusively in the developing world, in which 2030 live 80% the population of cities, said the UN.

In 30 years, the urban population in rich countries will increase by only 100 million people, equivalent to 11% the current urban population in these countries.

Na Latin America, 200 million additional urban dwellers up 2030 shall mean an increase of 50% compared to today.

In the Asia and Africa, flagship of the growth of cities, the urban population will double in this period. With the cities of these continents growing at a rate of one million people per week, almost seven out of ten urban citizens are Asians or Africans 2030, the study predicted.

Source: UOL

E depois reclamam do aquecimento global

Also note that the poorer the region, most people tend to increase and this is not just coincidence.

How long will it still take all realize that the solution to global warming, poverty and numerous other world problems is slow population growth?

Practical example:

Take a couple of any mammals (rabbits, for example) and start its creation in a limited territory, com recursos limitados. A população desse mamífero crescerá exponencialmente no início, but at some point it will stabilize and oscillate at values ​​close to a threshold. This is because at some point there will be escasses resources (food, water, etc.), in other words, there will be competition for these resources and many will die from lack of them. The population will be forcibly limited to that maximum number, lack of resources.

Now think of the world's population, the scenario is very similar, the territory of the planet is limited, resources are also limited, if the population continues to grow unchecked will come a day when there escasses resources (in fact this is already happening in many places), with that many will die, and the population will be forcibly restricted to a certain number because those resources, and there will be many wars for these resources (as has been there for oil) and there will…

Does the human population, which is said to rationally, need to really reach that threshold to realize that there is a limit? Can they not be aware already that the population can not continue to grow?

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