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Matter which Journal of Piracicaba made on Sunday on the top videos on YouTube with the city name (Piracicaba). The video Jathniel group (Foursquare Gospel Church of Rio Claro), coreografando a música “Your grace Just Me” from the “Ministry Nova Iguaçu Shepherding” is in third place.

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By entering the word Piracicaba in the YouTube search space, a multitude of videos appear in 50 pages. While some bemoan the title of forgotten, others record increasingly access and occupy the top ten most (see table with addresses on this page).
The first place is with the band The Best GN'R Cover, São Paulo, wherein the sum of all accesses exceeds 120 thousand, number divided between songs "Sweet Child O 'Mine", "Coma", “The Godfather Theme”, “Madagascar”, “You Could Be Mine”, “Better”, among other. "We were not aware that the videos of the band were among the most accessed", highlights the singer Scares Pieretti de Freitas. The success, for ele, is due at ten presentations in Piracicaba, no bar Captain Jack. "Through YouTube may disclose our work in Brazil and abroad", Full.
Second place goes to the video "Opal aspirate", showing an Opal during a competition in drag Piracicaba, in category rear-wheel drive. And speaking of speed, is part of the ranking "Racha Piracicaba", eighth, a video with a rush of proof.
The third place is for the group Jathniel, composed of young people of the Foursquare Gospel Church of Rio Claro in that 2006 attended meeting in Piracicaba. They recorded "your grace Just Me". "The music in this video is choreographed very successful and people of Brazil all access", Brief highlights Manufacture, who posted the material.
High index records "Alfa - Revelation 16 - A Cure ", fourthly. This is a video posted with the word Piracicaba and speaks of the coming of the Messiah and the various disasters of humanity under the evangelical perspective.
Fifth not, o vídeo “Counter-Strike Real Life! First Round”, where the scenes of the game earn interpretation of a double shooting everywhere, against the backdrop of a farm.
Already the sixth place is the video "Autodynamics Program - Arrancada Piracicaba - 2nd Festival", on event occurred in the ECPA (Sport Piracicabano Automobile Club), between days 8 and 10 February this year.
The description for "Toccata in Piracicaba with Marcelo and Betinho", seventh, is at least strange, but yielded 13.590 access to the last Friday. It, foursome, with wind instruments, interpret hymns.
In "Bridge x XV Piracicaba", nono no place, some images of a game between the two teams, with nothing typical soundtrack for the football stadiums. The sound is the song "Orgasmatron", the band Motorhead.
To end the list of the most viewed YouTube, with the word Piracicaba, the video "Battery Solo", whose page poster follows the line "were the 3.49 minutes of my life wasted ".

Source: Journal of Piracicaba

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