Fox's response to my complaint

Fox's response to my complaint about the programming that was suddenly all voiced:

Caro viewer,

Thank you for your message and sorry for the delay in response.

We would like to inform you that we started the gradual process of dubbing in the lineup two years ago. Our films were the first to be dubbed contents and the results of this decision were very positive. We see then that there was a great demand for the series were dubbed and also, because of this demand, started the process of dubbing these programs.

We understand and respect his surprise with the change, but would like to clarify and add to the audience that prefers watching your serials in the original language with subtitles will have access to this feature very soon through its operating. We are working to make this format available as soon as possible, allowing the subscriber to choose the best way to watch our channel.

Now we are at hand to answer any questions and are committed to maintaining the excellent level of our programs.


Fox Latin American Channels

And my reply:

Thanks for the reply, even if it has been standardized and sent to all the thousands of subscribers who complained.
They should have worked with operators to provide original audio and subtitles separate BEFORE making the change, not after, as this was the biggest disrespect to subscribers, paying expensive to have quality programming.
Now how many years it will take for the operator (which in my case is the Sky) start providing separate subtitles? The feature on Sky has been around for a long time, just need you resolve to use.

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