Simpsons' joke about Brazil is censored by Fox

After the controversial episode “Blame it on Lisa”, in viewing (and with much mock) The Brazil – causing the fury of Embratur and more patriotic -, the “Simpsons” had a joke about the censored country in dubbing the new episode that Fox aired this week.

In episode, entitled “A Wife Aquática”, Bart and Lisa talk about a place where they are unclean, Lisa and says it is “the most disgusting place” they were already. Bart retruca: “Mas and Brazil?”, and Lisa responds: “After Brazil”.

In the dubbed version aired by Fox, dialogue was changed. Instead of quoting Brazil when Lisa refers to “most disgusting place”, Bart asks: “Serious, you really think?”, and sister responds “If I said it because I think”.

The error was found by the site staff Simpsons News, and you can compare the dialogues in English, in the original, and dubbed into Portuguese in a video posted on the website YouTube. To watch, just click here.

The Fox, through its press office, stated that only has the number of exhibition rights, but the voice acting is 20th Century accountability in Brazil. “We are studying a way to try to avoid this, because the channel's policy is to display the series in full, even with the dubbing”, said the advice.

Source: Etc series

My questions are:

  1. When will they learn that The Simpsons zoam with everyone, including their own American?
  2. Even if I had not liked the joke, This is not the case, what's the use censor the dialogue here in Brazil around the world it will be dubbed with the same text document?

Another downside to Fox, that lately has only done shit.

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