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Not only that endure the malíssimos telemarketing Vivo and Telefonica trying to sell bundled services that no one needs the gold price or trying to make me switch to a postpaid plan to spend a lot more than I spent in pre, now also have to endure the “partners” those companies that buy their records.

I have received several calls on my telemarketing cell banks and the like looking for my father. The phone was always my, I got a gift from my father and therefore was initially in his name in Vivo register. Then I went to my name. There is no way to associate his name to this phone without being with the registration of Vivo. And other companies that have nothing to do with the live link looking for him. What can be concluded?

Today I received an email from Reader's Digest, some sellers of magazines that cast lots awards for subscribers, looks more like a disguised lottery scheme, where the product is only to disfigure the purchase of tickets to attend the awards. It would be a SPAM as any other, not for being sent to my e-mail UOL, which does not divulge to anyone, and my father's name. The UOL's registration is in my name, but the subscriber line (where the Speedy is) he is. It would be difficult for anyone to associate an e-mail with my not disclosed his name, unless that person has at hand the registration of Telefonica. What can be concluded?


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