Girl falls from playground toy in the interior of BC

A girl 7 years fractured jaw falling out of a toy in the amusement park of Sales Rodeo (458 km northwest of Sao Paulo), Saturday (1º). It goes well.

According to the Civil Police, the child was in an outfit called twister –a sort of Ferris wheel horizontally– quando foi arremessada. She was about three feet off the ground. The equipment has a maximum elevation of five meters.

According to the city's delegate-holder, John Sipanaka, the girl says that the toy safety lock failed; and responsible for the machine says the child opened.

After the accident, experts were on site. They could not determine the cause, but decided that the toy did not need to be restricted and, no Sunday (2), last day of the feast, he operated normally.

Source: UOL

That's why I do not go in park.

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