Interview ao Jornal de Piracicaba

Íntregra interview for the Journal of Piracicaba, to the article Piracicaba in Tube, the newspaper published only a small excerpt.

JP: Firstly, you were aware that the video is among the most accessed? In your opinion, To this should be successful access?

Fabricio: Was aware that the video was a lot of hits, but did not know who was among the first of Piracicaba, it was a pleasant surprise. The success is probably due to the fact that the choreographed music video (“Tua graça me basta” from the “Ministry Nova Iguaçu Shepherding”) have done quite successfully, and therefore people from all over Brazil accessed, beyond the personal Piracicaba and region.

JP: Could it be a brief history of video posted?

Fabricio:In 2006 the Church of the Foursquare Gospel Paulicéia, Piracicaba, extended an invitation to the youth of I.E.Q. de Rio Claro para participarem de um evento chamadoIntercâmbio”, where the various ministries of dance and praise could present. Our leader accepted the invitation and on 05/08/2006 filled two buses of young and went to Piracicaba, where we were very well received. Several groups have played that day and this is the recording of the presentation of the group Jathniel, the I.E.Q. Rio Claro.

JP: How do you see the Youtube dissemination of your work? Because the video was posted?

Fabricio: Photography has always been a hobby for me. And with the advent of digital cameras also film, besides shooting started recording small video clips and publish on Youtube, initially to distribute more easily to their own group members. With the success of Youtube videos turned out to be an important marketing tool of the various ministries, and currently receive emails and keep in touch with people from different parts of Brazil. Therefore, with these videos aim to bring the word of God (through music and choreography) the many places we wouldnt without tools like Youtube. Our main goal is that through them more people to know and accept Jesus as Savior.

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