set 17 2007

The old prejudice against evangelicals in the media of Rio Claro

Out today the following headline in the Mail Merge Guide Rio Claro:

Radialista e vereador é ouvido no Fórum ao lado de Fernando Godoy, mandante de tentar matá-lo.

As far as I know he is not worthy confess and is still pending. How do Rio Claro Guide can claim it then?

But the worst is yet to come, within the report in Rio Claro Guide has the following excerpt:

O ex-vereador Godoy, that is evangelical, is stuck in the resocialization center Male (CRM) New in Rio Claro Garden. O político era suplente de Sérgio Carnevale na Câmara Municpal.

Why mentioned that he is evangelical? When someone does something good and makes the news no one mentions that is evangelical, but if it is bad news not forget that at all. Será que se ele fosse católico colocariam “…o ex-vereador, that is Catholic, está preso…” na notícia? And if he was atheist? Iriam colocar “…o ex-vereador, who is an atheist, está preso…”? I think not, nor?

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