My issues with Windows Vista x64

After 2 months of use, I can say that the system is stable and usable, however not free from some problems caused by others:

  • Video capture card still does not work, is a Prolink PlayTV Pro Ultra Pixelview, Prolink has launched the only driver for Windows 32 bits. Prolink crap…
  • Placa de som Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum works with driver found inside the driver files to the X-Fi, in other words, Creative is a better driver than what is available for download (that sucks), but does not release. Unfortunate. Creative Porcaria…
  • O Adapter for Playstation joysticks link works, but the force feedback does not work. In XP works with the aid of a specific driver. Vista Pro has no driver. The driver that comes with the system works, mas sem o force-feedback.

Now the problems caused by Microsoft itself:

  • The system does not sleep right, sleep he even sleeps, but when you wake up gives a beautiful blue screen, or direct restarts, or works for a while and get to catch everything even get the blue screen. I've tried some Knowledge Base Solutions, but so far nothing has worked
  • To run a Microsoft own webcam, one VX-3000, I had to reinstall the system. I called on Microsoft, suggested removing a portion of software that supposedly cause incompatibility, but nothing resolved. It was enough to reinstall the system, and even with all the software and reinstalled the webcam now works perfectly.

Que eu me lembre é só issoespero que o SP1 corrija os problemas da Microsoft, and Creative makers, Prolink and some unknown Chinese manufacturer (Adapter) create shame in the face and then launch a decent driver pro Windows Vista x64.

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