out 30 2007

Start vai

Her husband comes home and says to his wife immediately:
– Fast, bring me a beer before it starts!
The woman did not understand very, but took the beer and took.
When finished
that beer, he said:

– Fast, bring me another beer, is already about to start!
She was confused, but brought beer. O how
and said second can:
Vai, fast, bring me another, will start any time!
And the woman, says angry :
– Ah, arrives! What the hell is this, are you there all loose,
or arrives and
tells me hi, does not raise your fat ass there and think I'll stay
bringing beer to you like a slave? Do not you realize that I
worked all day, washed, spent, I cleaned the house, cooked, and
still made purchases?

Then the husband says : – Soon!!!!!? started!!!

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