Basic tips that apply to all HP cartridges with print head

  • Never print with the cartridge failing, not continue printing when a color finish, during printing heads are heat and are cooled by the ink, if there is no ink head can overheat and burn, e ai or cartridge is lost.
  • Do not use sleep mode, you will already be saving enough to recharge at home, so avoid sleep mode because it also overheats the print head.
  • When refilling cartridges foam syringe with the needle does not enter much, in order to preserve the foam and not sticking to screen.
  • Use only quality ink, to prevent clogging and dry foam.
  • Do not let the refilled cartridge much downtime, search print every day.
  • Do not leave the cartridge out of the printer so that the ink does not dry in the print head.
  • Recarregue the cartridge as soon as he runs out, do not store the empty cartridge for a long time.

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